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7 Days of Pinoy Favorites You Can Make In Less Than 30 Minute

7 Days of Pinoy Favorites You Can Make In Less Than 30 Minute

It very well may challenge to make time to arrangement your dinner for the afternoon, let alone for the entire week, yet it additionally has its focal points. At the point when you as of now have a rundown of plans prepared, you just need to make one speedy outing to the staple and you’re good to go.

That is the reason we’ve thought of a formula rundown of all your preferred Filipino foods—you can make every one of these dishes in 30 minutes or less!

Monggo with Inihaw na Liempo

Who says you can just have guisadong monggo on Fridays? Make it much more delectable with flame broiled pork liempo as an afterthought.

1 cup monggo beans

1 medium red onion, slashed

2 cloves garlic, squashed

2 medium tomatoes, slashed

2 pieces dried cooked tinapa, chipped

1/4 cup hibi (dried shrimp)

1 tablespoon oil

4 cups water, more as required

1 Knorr Shrimp Cube

1 cup malunggay

Fish skin discretionary

1 Add oil into a dish. Saute onion, garlic, tomato, tinapa, and after that hibi shrimp

2 Add water and Knorr Shrimp Cube.

3 Add monggo beans and keep on stewing until delicate. Include water as required.

4 Add malunggay.

5 Season with patis and ground pepper, to taste.

6 Serve while hot. Top with fish-skin chips whenever wanted.

Chicken Tinola

Attempt this tinola formula—make it with your preferred chicken parts and include either malunggay, sayote, or green papaya. Pair it with fish sauce and red bean stew for a fiery kick.

1 tablespoon cooking oil

1 little piece red onion, cleaved

2 cloves garlic, slashed

1 (2-inch) piece ginger, cut into strips

1/2 kilo chicken, cut into 8 pieces

1 liter water

2 pieces Knorr Chicken Cube

1 piece sayote or little green papaya, cut

2 stalks dahon ng sili

1 Heat oil in a meal over medium warmth. Include onions, garlic, and ginger and saute for two minutes or until garlic is dark colored and onions are translucent.

2 Add chicken and do a light burn on all sides. Include water and Knorr Chicken Broth Cubes. Stew for 10-15 minutes or until chicken is delicate.

3 Add sayote or green papaya and cook for five minutes or until delicate.

4 Add dahon ng sili and cook for a moment. You can likewise include malunggay. Serve hot.


Try not to stress over the measure of time you have to make this dish. The key is to pick your meat well and cut them into little pieces so they cook quicker. You can likewise utilize a weight cooker to slice your cooking time down the middle.

8 cups water

1/2 kilo hamburger shank, cut into serving pieces

1/2 cup onion, slashed

2 pieces Knorr Beef Cubes

1 piece sweet Japanese corn, cut into three

2-3 pieces saba, cut askew into two

1 cup Baguio beans, cut into 1-inch pieces

1/2 head pechay Baguio, cut

Dark pepper to taste

1 Fill a pot with eight cups of water. Include meat shanks and onions. Spread. Give it a chance to bubble at that point stew for 30 minutes to an hour or until the hamburger is delicate.

2 Add Knorr Beef Cubes, corn, and saba and stew for five minutes.

3 Add Baguio beans and pechay. Stew for a moment or until beans are crunchy however not overcooked.

4 Season with salt and pepper. Serve hot.

Pork Steak

Make a flavorful bunch of pork steak for lunch or supper! It’s anything but difficult to make and it just requires a couple of fixings. You can likewise hack it up into small bits and add it to seared rice the following morning.

1/2 kilo pork hacks

5 pieces calamansi, squeezed

2 tablespoons soy sauce

2 tablespoons canola oil

5 cloves garlic, hacked

1 piece Knorr Pork Cube

1 cup water

Dark pepper to taste

1 white onion, cut into rings

1 Combine calamansi juice and soy sauce in a bowl. Include pork hack and marinate for in any event 10 minutes.

2 Heat oil in a container over medium warmth. Include garlic and saute until dark colored.

3 Remove pork slashes from the marinade and fry for three to five minutes on each side or until dark colored.

4 Add the marinade, water, and Knorr Pork Cube. Give it a chance to bubble for 10 minutes.

5 Season with salt and pepper. Stew for five additional minutes or until the pork cleaves are delicate.

6 Add onion rings and cook until mellowed. Serve hot.


Before the week closes, treat yourself to something rich like this menudo formula. Pair it with a steaming bowl of rice and your officemates make certain to request a few.

1/4 cup cooking oil

2 pieces medium potatoes, cut into blocks

1 piece medium carrot, cut into blocks

6 cloves garlic, minced

1 piece onion, minced

250 grams pork kasim, cut into little blocks

250 grams pork liempo, cut into little blocks

250 grams pork liver, cut into little blocks

1 (250-gram) pack tomato sauce

2 pieces Knorr Pork Broth Cube

1-1/2 cups water

1 teaspoon sugar

Dark pepper to taste

2 tablespoons raisins

1 cup cubed red and green ringer pepper, seeded, cubed

1 Fry potatoes and carrots in an enormous pot over medium warmth. Put in a safe spot.

2 In a similar dish, include garlic and onions.

3 Add pork kasim and liempo and fry until somewhat cooked. Include the liver and cook for two minutes.

4 Add Knorr Pork Cubes, tomato sauce, water, sugar, and dark pepper to taste. Blend well.

5 Add seared potatoes and carrots. Cook until sauce has thickened.

6 Add raisins and chime pepper. Cook for two minutes. Serve hot.

Chicken Afritada

In the event that you think making menudo is simple, making afritada is considerably simpler—ideal for a sluggish day.


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